Reina Serrano Founder Fourteen Angels
Reina Serrano

Reina Serrano, a mother of a teenager with cerebral palsy, mindful of the delicate care required for her son’s condition and thankful for the opportunity to be able to help her child lead a normal and comfortable life, is sensitized to the plight of the Salvadoran children.

“When I went to my country, I saw the tremendous need to help and care for the children” recalls Serrano, who says she always wanted to work and help children with special needs, and during the meeting with the director of the Benjamin Bloom Hospital, she discovered that there were 230 children receiving dialysis twice a week who did not have the resources to carry out their treatment.

“So arises ‘Fourteen Angels’ with the objective to help the parents of these children with the costs of transportation; to help the hospital acquire the necessary equipment; and to help the patients with kidney failure receive the treatment and nutrition they need in order to recuperate”, informed Serrano.

After seven years of work in the community, Reina is positive and predicts a great future for the foundation and expects the organization to grow to the point of helping children across Central America.

Many angels are needed to help all children receiving care in Bloom Hospital, that is why if you are interested in becoming a sponsor to a child please contact Reina Serrano, founder and director of Fourteen Angels at (818) 272-5726, email reina@fourteenangels.org or visit www.fourteenangels.org.”

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