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FOURTEEN ANGELS CO. EL SALVADOR is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2008 to help Salvadorean children living with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses such as renal insufficiency and chronic kidney failure, to name a few. Its continued existence is the result of hard work and vigorous efforts carried on by dedicated volunteers and donors who aim to help provide the vital needs of the children who are fighting for a healthier and better life.


Is to provide economical support to children with disabilities or terminal diseases through medicines, medical equipment, transportation, and many other implements to help improve their quality of life. 


Is a community of awareness actively working, together with organizations, sponsors, donors and dedicated volunteers, towards the fulfillment of our mission.

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fourteen angels

The FOURTEEN ANGELS organization has helped families and children with life-theatening diseases by providing low-income families with financial support for medicine, transportation and other needs. Over the past few years we’ve helped more than 100 families to save the lives of their loved ones. Join us today – your donation can save a life!

Currently, the donations received by the organization help pay the increasing costs of medicines and travel expenses for the maintenance and dialysis treatments of children fighting renal disease. FOURTEEN ANGELS fervently believes that the work should not stop there and its future projects involve committed sponsorship of individual cases as well as funding for new medical facilities and equipment at the Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital in El Salvador.

Support now and become an angel of hope to a child in need!

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